When you walk into Allison Roberts’ Master of Fine Arts exhibition featured at the Art Lofts Gallery, you are struck first by the simplicity, yet can’t help but feel the emotion that is communicated upon entering the room.

In the exhibition, the room is completely dark, save two spotlights for the artist statement and a poem (that is also projected on slides on the wall to the left) and videos flashing on each wall. This immediately begins to corral viewers into the artist’s introspective space.

The poem on the wall is titled ‘Vicissitude,’ sharing a name with the exhibition itself. ‘Vicissitude’ is a result of loss, which caused Roberts to reflect on the effects of change.

Arielle Bordow/The Badger Herald

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Roberts has lost control over some aspect of her life and is now existing in a liminal space, waiting for some threshold to become grounded and feel secure once again. This leads to a contemplation of time and space, which is demonstrated by the four videos, “Threshold,” “Haptic,” “Façade” and “A Gift,” playing as the printed blueprint on the wall states “overlapping and reoccurring.”

These projections show a range of textures from reptilian-esque to grasses to architectural design to an almost graphic-looking wave. The dark exhibition is purposely ambiguous, allowing a space for viewers to apply their own personal experiences with change and reflect upon uncertainties in their own lives.

Arielle Bordow/The Badger Herald

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During a time like college, or even grad school, where there is a blurred line between childhood and adulthood, the educational world and the so-called “real world,” the reality of living in the in-between and the anxiety that can create becomes very tangible to viewers.

As humans, we are always changing and sometimes cannot control the events that befall us, which is very profoundly explored in this exhibition.

The exhibit will be available for viewing at the Art Lofts Gallery until April 13.