Whenever I get to go home to wonderful Zionsville, Indiana, I almost always take a trip to Confectioneiress.

We all have places we immediately visit when we go home, and Confectioneiress is that place for me. I am not a huge cupcake person, but I will always eat one of their cupcakes. What makes their cupcakes so special is the variety of “cookie cupcakes.”

Confectioneiress makes cupcakes topped with a cookie dough frosting. They have sugar, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie varieties — the chocolate chip is my favorite.

When I am craving something sweet, I would love to have one of these cupcakes on hand. That isn’t necessarily the easiest process, so I tried to develop my own spin on them.

While mine do not taste exactly like their cupcakes, these were really close and satisfied my craving — at least for now. I need to go home really soon to get my hands on the real deal.

The process:

Preheat your oven to 350 F. Mix together oil, milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla.

Maija Inveiss/The Badger Herald

Slowly add in the flour, salt, baking powder and baking soda. Once fully mixed, sprinkle in all of the cocoa powder.

When adding in the cocoa powder either sift it or crush all clumps. You do not want to take a bite of straight cocoa powder.

Scoop the dough into cupcake tins, wiping up any drops on the muffin tin.

Maija Inveiss/The Badger Herald

While in the oven, make the buttercream-esque frosting. Using a mixer on low speed, mix all of the ingredients together, starting with the wet ingredients and ending with the flour. Immediately put it in the refrigerator to make the frosting harder.

Take out the cupcakes, and make sure they are completely cool before smearing on the frosting.

Smear the frosting on the top, making a shape similar to a cookie. Then immediately dunk the cupcake in mini chocolate chips.

Maija Inveiss/The Badger Herald

These cupcakes are so cute and make me wish I could take a trip back home to eat the real thing. If you’re ever in Zionsville, hit up Confectioneiress for the real thing, though these are almost just as good.

Maija Inveiss/The Badger Herald