California-inspired Mexican food truck Cali Fresh settled into its new location on Library Mall this month, adding to the already colorful assortment of glorified food trucks that call the site home.

During the lunchtime rush at the end of State Street, each food cart captures the attention of the swarms of students through its unique scent.

Though hungry patrons are equally lured by the aroma of multiple stands, Cali Fresh has hosted an impressively long line of customers since it set up camp alongside the other carts.

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Customers have their pick of tacos, burritos and quesadillas at Cali Fresh, and while each sounds better than the next, I can vouch for the tacos.

The choice of either chicken or steak is served on a two-ply corn tortilla and topped with cheese, beans, avocado and a fresh tomato, onion and cilantro salsa. If you opt for the Giant Taco platter, you can get two of these beauties and a side-serving of more beans and rice; an impressive portion for the requested price.

Inspired by the practice of freshly prepared Mexican food, the latest food cart certainly fits its environment. In a town mindful of the quality and origin of its foods, Cali Fresh caters to its crowd with a menu that is delicious, but simple. With food worth more than the asking price, the cart’s agreeable prices make Cali Fresh a welcome addition to the rest.

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Aside from the killer eats, Cali Fresh also serves their own blend of horchata to quench thirst. For those unfamiliar, this cinnamon-spiced rice milk mixture is the ultimate in terms of sweet, creamy drinks. Order a cup and you’ll quickly be back in line for another, as these are refreshing and easily finished in a few hearty slurps.

Luckily for Cali Fresh, Mexican food is not a recurrent theme among Library Mall food carts; the carts have long been diverse with little overlap in terms of cuisine. Thai, Mediterranean and Jamaican food had previously been satisfying studious souls. Now Mexican has joined the ranks with its Californian twist that teases patrons with visions of oceans and everlasting warm weather.

Now, students can disregard the initial disappointment of not being in California –one bite into your Cali Fresh taco and one sip of that horchata and you’ll be transported to the West Coast.