With temperatures projected to hit -45 degrees with wind chill this week (and classes still on) it’s too cold not to have a serious survival plan.

Here are our top 10 tips for braving Madison’s frozen tundra this week:

10. Snuggle. Grab your roommate, your cat or a platonic friend. If you’re out of options, there are plenty of people looking for NSA snuggling on Craigslist.

[Photo via flickr user _tar0_] [Photo via flickr user _tar0_]

9. Something I wouldn’t condone under normal circumstances: Wear pants. And an under-the-pants layer. Maybe two. Wearing just jeans, cords or yoga pants in this bone-chilling nonsense is for amateurs.

[Photo via flickr user missing you...] [Photo via flickr user missing you…]

8. Stuff some hand warmers in those gloves. It’s like a furnace for your hands.

[Photo via flickr user pigsonthewinguk] [Photo via flickr user pigsonthewinguk]

7. Wear wool socks. If you’re still wearing those short/fake socks from summer, you’re doing it wrong. Invest now or risk losing those appendages.

[Photo via flickr user Amanda's Weekly Zen] [Photo via flickr user Amanda’s Weekly Zen]

6. Hold a to-go cup of something warm in your hand whenever you can. Feel free to brew your own cocoa or coffee at home, but it’s certain to be stone cold when you arrive at your destination. Recommended: Buy a new coffee every several blocks.

[Photo via flickr user esparta] [Photo via flickr user esparta]

5. Take the bus EVERYWHERE. Bonus points if you have to transfer more than two times just to get to your morning class.

[Badger Herald file photo] [Badger Herald file photo]

4. Plan your route to avoid traversing the wind tunnel of hell that is East Campus Mall. It’s a mistake you’ll only make once.

[Photo via flickr user John Benson] [Photo via flickr user John Benson]

3. Drink fire whisky. It warms the heart and soul. Liquor stores are likely to run dry in the polar vortex’s wake.

[Photo via flickr user dprotz] [Photo via flickr user dprotz]

2. North Face, North Face, North Face. Ugg.

[Photo via flickr user vavoulis] [Photo via flickr user vavoulis]

1. Avoid going outside at all costs. This seems obvious, but really can’t be understated. The gym? Don’t bother. The grocery store? Not a chance. Class? I’ll leave that up to you.


Are you headed outside today? Send us a Snapchat of you in your full cold weather survival ensemble to badgerherald or tweet us @BadgerHerald. We’ll be reposting the best outfits from brave souls throughout the day.