Eric Hutchinson played a sold-out show at the Majestic on Tuesday on his 36-date Moving Up Living Down tour.[/media-credit]

Eric Hutchinson was absolutely electric at the Majestic Theater Tuesday night. Fresh out of Chicago from a show the night before, he took the stage at about 9:30 p.m. after his opening act, Anya Marina, blew the crowd away with her raspy vocals and unleveled rocker charm. The sold-out show was filled with Hutchinson’s signature energy and undeniable singing talent as he wooed the crowd with old classics, new hits and old classics remade into new hits.

In promotion of his sophomore album, Moving Up Living Down, his 2012 tour consists of a seemingly endless number of cities throughout the United States in the upcoming summer months. Lucky enough to have one of those cities be Madison, his loyal fans were sure to show their gratitude. Without an unenthused seat in the house, the crowd was effortlessly able to feed off the lively atmosphere. In a show filled with more than just music but rather overall entertainment, Hutchinson cracked jokes and even wrote a song on the spot especially for Madison. So in love with the ambiance and surrounding that his fans provided, he joked, “So glad to be in Madtown, where there must be pills of Ecstasy in the water!”

Warmed up and feeling good, Hutchinson’s band took the stage for the opening. Starting off strong, a drum solo rocked the house and had everyone on their feet. Minutes later, Hutchinson took center stage and opened with “Best Days,” a single off his new album. Yet with the crowd’s enthusiasm and knack for singing along, the song hardly seemed as if it was brand new.

Segueing into the next song, the performer chose an upbeat throwback from his previous album Sounds Like This entitled “You Don’t Have To Believe Me.” But in true Hutchinson style, he broke it down mid-song and vibed to a funk-a-fied version of the song, driving the crowd wild. Getting back to business, he played fan favorites such as “Oh,” “Outside Villanova” and “Back To Where I Was,” as well as new songs “People I Know” and “Talk Is Cheap.” Rounding off the night, and growing emotional, he reintroduced the remake of one of his favorites and popular hit “Breakdown More” and broke hearts as he concluded the show with “OK, It’s Alright.”

These days, it is hard to come by a singer who is as genuinely talented as Eric Hutchinson. A truly gifted vocalist and exceptional pianist, guitarist, bassist, you name it; this popular artist deserves five stars. And if a live voice as good as Hutchinson’s doesn’t do it for you, there is no doubt that Hutchinson’s band’s uncanny charisma will win you over. Gelling to one another’s beats and encouraging one another to showcase their own talents, the ante was surely upped.

Every song came with a special type of radiated and unstoppable confidence, both individually and collectively, that served to deliver a feel-good performance. A concert experience well worth the money should Hutchinson return, you’ll be sure to walk away singing his songs, dancing to his beats, laughing at his jokes and ever wanting more.