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not a girl, not yet an actress
by Anna Roberts, Arts Etc. film editor

“Crossroads,” the newest teen movie to come straight out of Hollywood and end up straight in the gutter, is the story of three giggling girls and their quest to become women.

The director, Tamra Davis, is the creator of fine films like “Half-Baked” and “CB-4.” How this mind-numbing movie came from her is a question worth pondering. The answer: Either she must have the hots for Spears, or she’s banking that men will pay up to see Spears wearing fewer clothes.

Is she right? It’s true that Spears dons becoming outfits like a towel, pink underwear and sexy dance clothes that her two supporting actresses couldn’t fit into if they got liposuction and had a few ribs removed.

But Britney’s scantly clad moments lead nowhere — for all the hype, at its heart the movie is aimed at high school girls. The lead male role, Ben, is the only break from the girls’ incessant giggling. But most of his scenes simply have him sleeping or eating — not the most captivating entertainment.

Yet there are moments when the film is bearable. To everyone’s surprise, Britney can act to a certain point, and she has potential. The blossoming love interest between Ben and Britney is also borderline entertaining. Britney has a certain “I’m falling for you” sparkle in her eyes that comes off the screen.

If you think watching three girls giggling in their underwear for an hour and a half sounds like fun, the film could be worth it.