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Often, the problem with attending live music venues is comfort, or a lack thereof. Not only does smoke odorize one from head to toe, leaving an unsavory film, but standing for a hideous opener, or even the choice headliner, wears on the ole tootsies.

Electric Earth nulls both annoyances in its truly unique performance space.

“It’s just a comfy place to see a show,” said co-owner Treena Mikonwicz. “We have been doing shows since the beginning. That first weekend we pretty much jammed for 48 hours straight. We did mostly acoustic in the afternoon, and punk and techno in the afternoon. All of the artists, including Special Deluxe, Shannon Fortune, Ben Kammin and DJ Deon, played for free.”

Smoking is not allowed on the premises, while the small stage up front in the window removes few of the tables lining the walls of the tastefully vibrant decor. This creates a truly unique environment in which to catch many of the region’s burgeoning artists.

“We book most of our acts through a voicemail, and also encourage all local musicians looking to perform to drop off their demo at the caf?.”

Located in a neighborhood well known for diversity in the arts (from ragtag jam bands to hip-hop clicks — ever hear of Tha 446?), the bills often vary in form.

“We book a lot of power pop, but also lots of acoustic stuff too,” Mikonwicz said. “Showoff, Pacesetter Sound System, Five Dollar Foundation and Introversion all have played here. Our mission is to include everyone and all types of music. I have been a fan of music for a long time, and feel it was a necessary addition to our caf?.”

Call 255-3305 for all booking inquiries. Or just drop off your demo — that might work better anyway, unless you want to sing over the phone.


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