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Future impresses with self-entitled album, prepares for possible new release this week

Atlanta-based rapper stays basking in the hype through multiple new releases in short period


The Orwells fall back on stagnant, repetitive sound in latest release

Chicago-based punk band disappoints in latest release by ignoring the importance of experimentation

Big Bads

Big Bads: ‘The Wiz’ adaptation tarnishes Broadway classic

Through unexplainable plot changes, horrible directing, this movie adaptation proves disastrous


LVL UP’s latest LP features soaring synths, layered vocals for a modern lo-fi aesthetic

Lo-fi foursome prepares for upcoming show at Memorial Union


Conversation Starter: UW grad student shares stories of immigration through art installment

Exhibit runs until Feb. 23


Joshua Hodges of STRFKR offers a glimpse into his creative process

Portland-based musician prepares for return to Madison


Moonrise Nation connects folk charm, high energy in meaningful upcoming release

Up-and-coming band seeks to create rhythmically appealing music while putting an emphasis on the importance of lyrics


Disco Fries is your new late-night hero

Thank God


UW graduate student’s art allows people to travel across the border in Humanities

MA thesis installation gives insight into important problem while involving multiple senses


With tall boys and red Solo cups Adam Devine brings energetic boost to Madison

When Devine came on stage with a red Solo cup, the audience knew he was sure to be a good time to watch

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