Back to reality: Students appalled at time management skills necessary for in-person classes

The day has come where students finally have to wear real clothes to class again


Dear Prof: Do better

The pandemic has been hard on us all, but you could at least learn how to share your screen

City of Madison

Forensic analysis of slur used in city council Zoom meeting yields inconclusive results

Zoom did not provide enough data to conclusively deteremine speaker, forensic IT analyst says


Online, not fine /:

Ever since the college experience has moved from the classroom to the computer, student morale has been at an all-time low


The New Normal: Students and experts share difficulties, lasting effects of restricted social life

As health guidelines continue to persist, students struggle to form strong, lasting relationships


Hidden Canvas analytics violate student privacy, shift power to professors

Professors can see data ranging from which students opened assigned readings to those that switched internet browser tabs during quizzes


Study shows fixing hair on Zoom dramatically increases test scores

While some have found the practice distracting and conceited, science may say otherwise


Five minutes of freedom (while you could be sitting in agony)

What to do when you're a-waiting for that Zoom call to start


With less energy from ‘Zoom Exhaustion,’ UW needs to invest in their students

As students struggle to maintain academic performance through online learning, UW faculty must create additional means of support


Poor wifi connection, strong emotional connection: Finding love on Zoom

BBCollaborate, Webex, Microsoft Teams are all waiting for you and that special someone to finally connect

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