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Starship Industries

Point-counterpoint: Starship robots

Do Starship robots take away from or add to the UW campus?


Alternatives to caffeine to up your finals game 💪

Caffeine not cutting it for finals week? Try cocaine!

COVID-19, COVID19, Coronavirus, UW Madison

Maskaphobia: Ted Cruz’s battle with UW over masking reveals politician’s true fears

'He might actually have no problem with masks in the covid sense, he just freaks out when he comes in close contact with masks,' Doctor and Maskaphobia expert says


Apartment hunting at UW: The horrific reality

Whether you're a freshman living in shitty Witte or a sorority sister living in a never-noiseless house, everyone’s ready for a change of scenery


Unspoken phenomenon of living in college towns: ‘I haven’t seen a child in weeks’

If I am being perfectly honest, I forgot what they even looked like


Let me paint you a picture: Freshmen and their fakes

'I paid good money for this. It BETTER scan,' probably you freshman year


A word from disappointed freshmen: What the hell is a certificate

Not calling it a minor isn’t quirky — it’s annoying

UW-Madison Campus

Beyond Bars Scholarship Fund to aid incarcerated students

'It’s been my message, something I’ve always said to young men: you have to do the time, so turn your cell into a classroom and really let’s get educated,' EXPO director says


Exploring a closed world: Language learning during the pandemic

Despite the challenges of virtual language learning, there are still positives to be found


Honorlock your relationship

New technology allows for relationships to thrive in super non-toxic way

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