In the midst of the pandemic, online classes, residence halls being quarantined and two-week in-person class cancellation, virtual Greek life recruitment is still something to look forward to.

Recruitment definitely doesn’t look the same as in years past, as people are required to adhere to social distancing and other health-related measures. But who said change is bad? Moving online is positive for obvious health reasons and the process will be less stressful since you can prepare at home.

Not only that, but since you are in the comfort of your own “home,” it will be easier to be yourself. This year, recruitment is more spread out, which is beneficial in deciding what fit is the best for both the sorority and the potential new member to find a forever home.

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I wanted to touch on the benefits of being in Greek life and a sorority in general. By joining, there are so many new traditions to be a part of, and new sisterhood creates unbreakable bonds. You might even meet your future bridesmaids. You automatically have so many new best friends, women to look up to, study buddies and a shoulder to cry on when times get tough.

There are opportunities to get involved within your own chapter through philanthropy, which is personally why I felt so drawn to joining, on top of all of the other reasons. It feels amazing to be able to dedicate four years of your life and beyond to a specific organization or charity you feel drawn to in order to positively impact the lives of others.

When joining Greek life, you are also able to connect with other chapters and create lifelong friendships through fun events, like humorology, socials and formals. Humorology is a philanthropy initiative in which students from different organizations come together to write, direct and rehearse a musical or variety show in order to raise money for a local beneficiary chosen each year.

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Humorology is the largest student-run type of philanthropy in the state of Wisconsin and is a place for students of all different backgrounds and experience levels to come together by using their individual talents. Students not only have fun, make friends and express themselves through different art forms, but also raise money for a wonderful philanthropic endeavor. In the end, the best part is coming together as a community and watching all the hard, behind the scenes work unfold, while supporting your sisters.

I want to stress there are so many fun events to look forward to, even virtually! We are making an effort to still be able to have meaningful connections and make it special for potential new members. This community is so much larger than just ourselves. It’s humbling to be a part of a huge family that will change your life for the better.

Francisca Ibanez ([email protected]) is a sophomore majoring in Spanish and social work.