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Here are some ways to manage your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

With October being Mental Health Awareness Month, these are suggestions for students to manage their mental health along with academics

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How to manage your mental health after testing positive for COVID-19

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc to our mental, physical well-being, people should look to friends, mental health resources for support


With less energy from ‘Zoom Exhaustion,’ UW needs to invest in their students

As students struggle to maintain academic performance through online learning, UW faculty must create additional means of support


Amid pandemic, students should look to online options to reconnect with family, friends over holidays

As UW votes to cancel spring break, here are some ways for students to enjoy upcoming Thanksgiving, winter break

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With social life looking different than ever before, students should consider joining Greek life

As many UW students seek new connections while maintaining COVID-19 guidelines, joining sororities, fraternities may be their answer


Tips and tricks to consider for new online classes

As UW attempts to adjust to new form of instruction, here are ways to make the most of the current predicament


UW’s Mia Boulukos provides empowering female lens to nude photo culture with art project

Where nude photos have been dominated by male lens, Mia Boulukos aims to empower women with SEND NUDES art project


A good night’s sleep is a priority — everything else comes after

Sleep deprivation to complete school work will not be beneficial to student life


What desk graffiti can tell us about campus culture

Inscribed campus desks hold stories of UW students, dating back decades

Cooking Sucks

Cooking Sucks: A guide to Thanksgiving leftovers

This BBQ turkey pizza will surely impress

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