In light of the recent terrorist attacks taking place last week, America’s national security has become an even greater priority in the upcoming elections. The attacks and tragedies that have plagued other countries over the past few months — the terror that the average American has observed from a distance — is no longer a far away threat. The danger of radical Islamic terrorism has arrived in America.

To address the immediate danger, action must be taken. With consequential national and state elections less than two months away, it is crucial that millennials elect leaders who will protect the people of this country from the danger of terrorism.

Leaders like President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have failed to take initiative. Both Obama and Clinton hesitated to recognize ISIS as a source of imminent danger. They opened our borders without being cautious about terrorist infiltration, and proceeded to channel billions of dollars into Iran — an unstable country — to fulfill the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal.

While campaigning for president, Clinton has addressed our country’s national security concerns by calling for more gun control laws, encouraging more open immigration policies and advocating for diplomacy before military force.

Clinton’s weak proposals on national security will never be enough to combat terrorism and protect American citizens. The Benghazi attacks serve as a testament to Clinton’s refusal to protect Americans against terrorist threats, resulting in the deaths of four Americans. ISIS does not appear to have any intentions of establishing diplomatic relations with the U.S. or Clinton.

Instead, our country deserves a president who will be fearless and bold in the face of terrorism threats. Trump is a leader who understands that a nation is not a nation if it is without borders and laws, and refuses to serve its own people.

To combat radical Islamic terrorism Trump believes in empowering our military with additional funding and more resources. Trump understands that to destroy ISIS we need more troops on the ground in the Middle East.

Trump also values the lives of American citizens. In the face of radical Islamic terrorism, Trump is not afraid to protect Americans by suspending all immigration from countries that have been compromised by the threat of terrorism. He understands it is truly impossible to properly vet each immigrant who arrives from an unstable country.

Sen. Ron Johnson is another leader, running for re-election, who values the safety of American citizens. He too has devoted his time in the senate to strengthening our military and defeating ISIS, unlike his opponent, former Senator Russ Feingold.

Feingold has paralleled Clinton on many issues, especially on a weak national security stance. Feingold supported the Iran Nuclear Deal, while simultaneously acknowledging that Iran was not always a “rational actor.”

While Clinton and Feingold have made little progress in protecting our country by supporting the opening of our borders, continuing the Iran Nuclear Deal and valuing diplomacy before our military, the lives of American people have been put at stake.

As Election Day approaches, I urge millennials to think about the next few years. The person you elect as U.S. Senator and President of the United States may either jeopardize our safety at home, or protect us from the danger of radical Islamic terrorism.

On Nov. 8, keep in mind that radical Islamic terrorism is no longer a distant, foreign threat — it’s here within our borders. Vote for leaders who will destroy ISIS before it tries to destroy us. Vote for Republican leaders on Nov. 8.

Emilia Rohl ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in journalism and communication arts.