Wisconsin deserves accessible railway transportation

Walker's blunder cost Wisconsin convenience, clean transportation, jobs


Hey Democrats, Obamacare took more than a year too

Educating the public is key in transitioning from a failing healthcare system to one which does its job without bankrupting the country

UW-Madison Campus

Trump’s ‘erratic’ policies make future of Middle East uncertain, speaker says

Speaker thinks Trump's erratic behavior makes him unprofessional


Trump’s lies on energy will catch up with him

With increases in natural gas consumption and an inevitable impact from climate change, the president's energy plans are foolish

Letter to the Editor

Federal government should be stepping up for transgender rights, not backing down

President Donald Trump's removal of protections for transgender students will be a disaster for LGBTQ+ community

State of Wisconsin

Some conservatives agree with Obama on occupational deregulation

Occupational licensing sees bipartisan critiques

UW-Madison Campus

More than 3,000 UW employees’ proposed raises put on hold

Federal judge blocked Obama overtime pay rule


To Fidel Castro: good riddance and goodbye

Former leader of Cuba leaves legacy of human rights violations, fear-mongering


Clinton, Trump evoke nostalgia for Obama presidency

Current president excelled in improving integrity of executive branch, but not in fostering economic recovery


Ravings of a future stay-at-home dad: Our university needs a lesson on free speech

Football fans dressed as Obama in noose defended by UW with citing the First Amendment