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Point Counterpoint: Trump’s USMCA trade deal will fix past failures with NAFTA, prioritize Americans

President Trump's USMCA trade deal will benefit all countries involved, address shortcomings in Clinton's past NAFTA trade agreement

State of Wisconsin

Running for office, not away: Applications for training program for Democratic women spike after Trump election

Emerge Wisconsin experiences massive rise in application numbers shortly after Nov. 8


Wisconsin’s bold, but inevitable return as a red state

Nov. 8 put to rest any remaining doubt that Republicans maintain control at state and national level


In photos: Vice President fires up Madison voters days before historic election

Biden, Feingold, Warren make appearance at Orpheum


Letter to the editor: The importance of the student vote

Casting ballots for Clinton, Feingold is critical in building the progressive future Wisconsinites need


Biased media and imbalanced fact-checkers do Americans a disservice

Conflict, opposing viewpoints are critical during elections


Republicans’ rescindment of Trump endorsement welcomed, but should have happened months ago

Shouldn't have taken bragging about sexual assault for GOP leaders to pull their support


Time for logical fallacies to be addressed, dumped this election season

Ad hominem attacks, red herring fallacy and false equivalence especially pertinent in 2016 race for president


Point Counterpoint: Protect our national security, vote Republican

Trump, Johnson protect Americans from real threat of terrorism

State of Wisconsin

Key takeaways from Wisconsin conservatives at Republican National Convention

Several state leaders voiced their support for Donald Trump, bashed Hillary Clinton in Cleveland

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