The University of Wisconsin announced a COVID-19 Pass/Fail grading option during the spring semester for students on Thursday.

Students now have until May 22 to elect to take a course as a Pass/Fail grade, according to the email from Provost Karl Scholz. The option allows students to replace a course grade with a COVID-19 Pass/Fail grade instead.

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On April 1, Provost Karl Scholz sent more information to students. The two new grading options will be SD (Satisfactory-Disruption) and UD (Unsatisfactory-Disruption). Neither option, if chosen, will impact a student’s grade point average. But UDs will not receive credit or count towards a degree requirement.

All undergraduate, graduate, capstone and special courses will have the SD/UD option. Professional schools (Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Law and Medicine) will have more information about grading from their dean coming soon.

Scholz stated that these Pass/Fail grades will be different from normal Pass/Fail grades because of the COVID-19 pandemic and will have a special designation. Student transcripts will have information detailing SD and UD.

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For undergraduates, an SD will still count towards their major/certificate/general education degree requirements, and for graduates, an SD will count towards their course requirements.

UPDATE: This article was updated April 1st to reflect new information from Provost Karl Scholz about the SD/UD system.