Student Services Finance Committee heard a budget presentation from Student Leadership Program, Monday night. 

SLP’s Internal Affairs and Development Coordinator Elaine Yi said SLP was requesting a total budget of $53,337.50, the same amount as their current approved budget.

“Last year’s cores did a really good job of making a lot of different changes to our budget. They actually made eight different composed changes. We feel like that really sets us on track to have a really accurate and consistent budget number and return of less than 10%,” Yi said.

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Yi said there were no proposed increases or decreases to their budget requests for supplies, printing, advertising, computer software and hardware, equipment rental, postage and total programming.

SLP’s Financial Coordinator Kyle Louis said with a growing member base, SLP requested a $100 increase to food and beverages for SLP kickoff meetings, which are held once per semester.

“Kickoff is the key event that jump-starts our semester each semester and helps attract students to our student organization, and hopefully getting them to the meeting would help them stick with our organizations,” Louis said. 

The other increase, Louis said, came from volunteer opportunities. SLP planned to expand its scope to cover the University of Wisconsin’s Leadership Certificate program.

“Something we are really concerned about is having barriers to entry due to financial reasons … we don’t want any students to feel like they cannot participate because they don’t have the financial resources to spare a little bit extra money to help with these events,” Yi said. 

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Louis said SLP also requested a $200 decrease to food and beverage for its All-Campus Leadership Conference as SLP had returned money from this section for the past several years.

SSFC will vote on SLP’s proposed budget at its next meeting on Thursday.