Following Michael Leckrone’s final bow after 50 years of service as the University of Wisconsin band director, Corey Pompey was named as his successor Tuesday.

According to a UW press release, UW School of Music Director Susan Cook said Corey Pompey was a clear choice.

“He has a deep musicianship along with an enthusiasm and energy on the podium that was infectious; he really connected with the students,” Cook said.

Pompey was chosen to replace Leckrone through a nationwide search, according to UW. He will step into his new role in July.

Music professor Daniel Grabois said the music department is excited to welcome Pompey. He added that the interview team said he brought lots of experiences and ideas to the role.

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“The band is a part of what happens when athletics and music comes together,” Grabois said.

Pompey received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Alabama. He began his professional career as a music teacher in Alabama public schools, according to UW.

After receiving his doctoral degree in music arts from the University of Texas-Austin, he worked as Penn State’s assistant director of bands during the 2017 to 2018 terms.

“I went into music education with the intent of doing something else with my life,” Pompey told UW. “Then the music grabbed me. The profession found me – I didn’t find it.”

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Pompey then moved to the University of Nevada-Reno to serve again as assistant director of bands during the 2018 to 2019 terms.

Now, Pompey is set to officially start on July 20 as the new leader of the UW Marching Band.

“I want to acknowledge how honored I am to have the opportunity to lead this program,” Pompey told UW.  “I also want to thank Prof. Leckrone for all he’s done. I look forward to carrying on the excellence of the program.”