The Student Services Finance Committee voted Monday to approve the budget of the Campus Women’s Center and held a budget hearing for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán.

CWC was approved for a budget of $71,911.50, a reduction of $1,088.50 from last year’s budget. The budget was approved in a vote of 10-0-2.

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MEChA also presented their requested budget for the upcoming fiscal year, focusing on an increased need for furniture and supplies, apparel and coverage for long-distance transportation.

SSFC members raised concerns over MEChA’s request for a national conference budget of $6,000, up from their $4,100 budget this fiscal year. MEChA’s financial specialist said the group thought a higher budget was necessary.

“We never really know where the next national conference is so that’s why we’re requesting a bit more, for some leniency,” the MEChA representative explained.

MEChA was also worried about increasing flight and hotel costs, and figured an increased budget could help alleviate undue stress.

Rep. Grant Rupkalvis raised concerns regarding apparel for a specific MEChA sponsored event.

“Why do you need apparel for the [La Bienvenida] event? How it is essential to running La Bienvenida?” Rupkalvis asked.

The representative explained that apparel money is used to clothe members of the club so that interested individuals are able to easily identify them and ask about joining.

MEChA runs a CulturArte event as well, bringing in a variety of artists to showcase their work.

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Rep. Anika Chatterjee wanted to know why MEChA chose to raise their requested speaker budget despite underspending that line by about $7,000 last fiscal year.

“We never know what an artist wants to charge for their work or their time,” MEChA said.

The representative said the club chose to feature more local artists last year and was looking to expand and bring in a wider range of speakers.

SSFC members will vote on MEChA’s requested budget at their next meeting on Thursday.