The Student Service Finance Committee voted Thursday to grant funding eligibility to Student Leadership Program for two more years.

In a vote of six in favor and four abstentions, the SSFC voted to approve two years of funding SLP, whose mission is to develop effective and essential leadership skills in students and student groups through comprehensive leadership education and diverse experiences, according to their website.

Kayla Hackl, the Organization Outreach Branch Coordinator for SLP said during the open forum there was a clear distinction between SLP programming and Adventure Learning Programs. ALPs organize adventure-based team building exercises. 

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Rep. Cooper Beckwith agreed SLP offered significantly distinctive programming compared to ALPs. 

“I have had experience with both [ALPs and SLP] and found that SLP is more focused on professional skills,” Beckwith said.

SSFC also heard F.H. King’s eligibility presentation. Rena Yehuda Newman, the education director for F.H. King, said their mission was to connect people, land and food at the University of Wisconsin.

To be transparent, Newman addressed the replacement of their finance director, who became less communicative in 2015 and made it difficult for the organization to access funding.

Reps. Max Dresher and Jon Kim were sworn in at the beginning of the meeting, bringing SSFC up to full strength.