Madison Police Department is working to identify a man who has stolen wallets over the last few months from three or more women in the downtown Madison area.

According to an MPD incident report, he has used the credit cards from the stolen wallets to make purchases at local businesses.

Thievery was first reported July 9 when a 22-year-old woman at the Fair Trade Coffee House had her wallet stolen from her bag. On Aug. 25, a second woman reported that her backpack was stolen from Michelangelo’s Coffee House.

Pictured: Surveillance photos of the suspect. Those with any information about his whereabouts are encouraged to contact MPD.
Courtesy of Madison Police Department

More recently, a 62 year old woman from Kiel, Germany, was visiting town for a Badger game and had her wallet stolen from the Old Fashioned restaurant.

Individuals with information about the suspect are encouraged to contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014.