The Associated Students of Madison met Tuesday night and invited University of Wisconsin Police Department Chief of Police Kristen Roman to discuss current policy and presence on campus, as well as efforts made to reach out to the student population.

Roman addressed the recent alerts sent by UWPD to students concerning reports of sexual assaults.

When asked about the vague descriptions used in the alerts, Roman said UWPD respects the privacy of victims of sexual assault and their requests upon coming forward. She also noted that the reports were somewhat vague due to the preservation of the investigation of the assaults.

“We work to try to balance the need for greater public safety and at the same time, not infringe on the sensitive nature and the privacy issues that might be there,” Roman said.

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Also in attendance at the ASM meeting was Flora Csontos, a representative of U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Csontos talked about the Perkins Loan that is granted through financial aid. The loan is set to expire, but she said Baldwin is fighting to keep it available for students.

In response to a question from Vice Chair Billy Welsh about Baldwin’s opinion of the Affordable Care Act, Csontos said Baldwin is working towards lower premiums of health insurance, as well as prescription medication costs.

Csontos also stressed Senator Baldwin’s support of Dreamers, stating “she supports Dreamers, and always has.”

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Additionally, ASM passed the Student Activity Center Governing Board budget of $380,233 in a 19-0-2 vote . The Student Judiciary budget was also passed in a 18-0-2 vote.

ASM also inducted five new freshmen representatives to the council. Ethan Carpenter, Adam Fearing and Maggie Nead will represent Letters and Science; Julia Warheit will represent the School of Human Ecology/Nursing/Pharmacy; and Ashtin Massie will represent the Graduate student body.