Though she was entering a male-dominated field, Anne Massey knew she and other women were no less than any businessman.

Looking to inspire young women with her business experience and educational background, Massey is set to begin her role as the dean of business for the University of Wisconsin School of Business in August 2017.

Massey was the former dean’s research professor of information systems at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University-Bloomington. She also held the title of associate vice president in the Office of the Executive Vice President for IU’s Academic Affairs.

Massey completed her undergraduate degree in information systems and technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and went on to work for General Electric and IBM. Massey returned to RPI and received her doctorate in decision sciences and engineering systems.

Massey believes her multiple degrees and past experience will help with “working across disciplines” at UW.

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Massey said she looks at technology and information systems from a more human-centered approach and cares deeply about optimizing how teams interact through research in this field. She attributes her past success to the support of her many mentors who gave her opportunities that allowed her to further develop her skills.

Massey said women she has worked with and been mentored by have truly inspired her to be who she is.

During her time at IU, she was the co-founder of the Center of Excellence for Women and Technology. It was there she worked to attract and retain women in business information, science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields and many other male-dominated areas of study. With her new position as dean of the Wisconsin School of Business, she hopes to continue her work with young women.

“I’m proud of the fact that we can get young women to do these things … I still have the fondest memory of a female math professor at RPI who made me realize that [women] can do whatever we want,” Massey said.

Massey said she is most looking forward to the “enthusiasm and engagement” of UW students, faculty and staff. She said the atmosphere fosters the “perfect” environment to work with other schools and pursue further opportunities.

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Along with attracting women to the Wisconsin School of Business, Massey also believes it is important to cultivate a sense of diversity. Through research, Massey has found that the highest-functioning teams are composed of the most diverse group of people. She wants students to appreciate the value of their peers’ contributions.

“We at the business school have to lead, create opportunity and help all students the best we can, regardless of their race and/or gender,” Massey said.