Update: The woman, Jean Gibson, has died from her self-inflicted gunshot injuries. Police are still investigating the case. The original story is below.

A woman with a self-inflicted gunshot wound is in police custody at a nearby hospital, after she allegedly caused a disturbance Tuesday in the Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics building.

UW Police sent a WiscAlert to the university community Tuesday morning, warning of “reports of a suicidal suspect [who was] possibly armed” and suggesting people avoid the area near the UW Research Park.

After a search of the area, police found the suspect, Jean Gibson, who’s in her 70s and has been a patient at the clinic, according to a UWPD statement. The statement said police were called after Gibson, who had already been banned from the building for prior threats, caused a disturbance.

She had previously made statements to the clinic’s staff about having a gun and “not being afraid to use it,” Marc Lovicott, the UWPD spokesperson, said.

Lovicott said UWPD, Madison Police and Dane County officers all worked to find the woman using various methods such as K9’s and ATV’s.

Mounted officers found Gibson hiding in a wooded area, where officers had a “verbal engagement” with her and she then shot herself, according to the UWPD statement.

Lovicott said everything in the area has returned to normal.