Damaged Property

The Madison Police Department responded to a call from the Orpheum Theatre Sunday night after a highly intoxicated 20-year-old patron pushed over and broke an antique water fountain valued at $50,000, according to a police report.

A member of the Orpheum staff witnessed the event, and the patron was temporarily detained by theatre security before managing to escape custody and fleeing the scene shortly after, the report said.

According to the MPD report, the man called the police on Monday night apologizing for his actions and said he did not remember the incident because he was “blacked out” from drinking. The man was later arrested for felony criminal damage to property.



On Monday afternoon, a group of teenagers were spotted coming out from behind a residential home on Drexel Avenue in possession a variety of allegedly stolen items, including what appeared to be a safe, according to a MPD report. 

A concerned neighbor witnessed the event and contacted MPD. The police discovered a back door had been forced open, and the home in question was burglarized.

Accompanied by descriptions of the teenagers given by the neighbor that had placed the emergency call, officers were able to locate the teenagers on Cottage Grove Road. A 14-year-old, three 15-year-olds and a 16-year old were arrested in connection with the burglary, according to an MPD report.

“We see a lot of burglaries in both commercial and residential homes, and the only thing I can suggest is taking the necessary precautions,” MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said.



According to an MPD report, Madison police were dispatched to a parking lot in the 800 block of South Gammon Road in response to a possible heroin overdose on Sunday.

Upon arriving on the scene, the police saw a citizen giving rescue breaths to an unconscious man lying outside of a car, the report said.

When the man regained consciousness, he admitted that he and the driver of the vehicle had come to Madison for the purpose of buying heroin and shooting up when the suspect suffered an overdose.

DeSpain said these kinds of drug overdoses are not uncommon in the Madison area and that the man would be charged accordingly.

“In a lot of these cases, if they’ve used heroin, we charge them with possession with heroin and oftentimes, possession of drug paraphernalia,” DeSpain said.


Check Person

When newspapers began to accumulate outside a home on MacArthur Drive, the paper carrier, who knew two elderly residents lived at the property, contacted police early Monday morning, a report from MPD said.

Officers responding to the home reported all the blinds to the home were drawn, and when they began calling to the resident, the 77-year-old man said he could not get to the door, according to the report.

When officers entered the home, the report said the officers found the man wedged between his walker and a dresser, and the 75-year-old woman was lying on the dining room floor.

Both victims were conveyed to the hospital to receive the necessary medical treatment, and MPD commended the actions of the newspaper carrier, the report said.