One of the stars of MTV’s “College Life,” the infamous Kevin Tracy, was one of three University of Wisconsin students whose North Brooks Street party was busted on Sept. 11 by Madison Police.

The fine? A whopping $86,000.

Tracy, along with roommates Travis Ludy and Mitchell Klatt, hosted a house party which, according to an MPD report, attracted over 200 people. Each roommate received 21 charges for encouraging underage alcohol consumption, one count each for alcohol distribution without a permit and 21 citations for procuring alcohol to an underage person, the report added.

MPD Sgt. Tony Fiore said the fine was so high because the three roommates encouraged partiers to stay at their house after police arrived. He said police decided to bust the party because they believed the number of people that crammed into the house created a safety hazard.

“There was a huge number of people inside in a house that is not equipped in any fashion to handle the number of people,” Fiore said. “We’re not looking through people’s drawers or things like that, we’re looking for people who might be in a medical emergency.”

Fiore said the counts against the three students were referred to the city attorney’s office because the incident incurred more costs and charges than the average house party bust.

Citations and charges as numerous and large as the North Brooks Street incident are not common to Madison parties, Fiore said. He added the fact the hosts did not voluntarily comply with MPD officers contributed to the large fines.

Fiore said a number of alcohol-motivated crimes, including sexual assault, battery and burglaries to the hosts are common with large parties.

Ald. Mike Verveer, District 4, said he thought MPD publicized the incident to “make an example” of the three residents. He added the charges will probably be settled out of court.

“Their fines will be cut substantially,” Verveer said. “The sophomore slums over there have been notorious for house parties, and this house in particular sticks out.”

Fiore said MPD decided to raid the party solely because of safety concerns.

“We were all in college…we understand there’s fear and anxiety,” Fiore said. “We’re not holding that against them.”