A Medical School party got a little too festive last weekend when a small group of attendees created a “back room” featuring their very own erotic entertainment.

Medical School Associate Dean of Students Patrick McBride said in an e-mail to The Badger Herald that the party, held April 17 at Memorial Union and dubbed “the Black Bag Ball,” was a formal event hosted by the Medical Student Association, which he said is a registered student organization. He added the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association contributed additional funding for the event.

At one point during the party, some students in attendance went into a closed room off the Great Hall with a hired exotic dancer and began a private show, spokesperson for Memorial Union Marc Kennedy said. McBride said it was broken up quickly when other students intervened.

“We are disappointed that students failed to think about how such behavior is inappropriate and reflects negatively on our school, students, campus, the alumni and our profession,” McBride said.

McBride said no details were available about the students who hosted the entertainment, but he did say the matter is under investigation.

“Consequences for these actions will be determined by the campus Office of the Dean of Students and the School of Medicine and Public Health Student Promotion Committee when the investigation is completed,” he added.

Medical Student Association President Nicholas Coorough said while he attended the event, he did not know what had gone on until after the dance was over. He echoed McBride’s sentiment that this was not typical of their school or profession, adding everyone he had talked to from the school truly regrets the actions of those individuals.

Kennedy said groups planning to bring outside entertainment into events at the union have to go through a process to get that entertainment approved. He said the event that night had three different bands performing, all of which were approved and sound checked. He added the dancer was not approved and most likely never would have been.