As University of Wisconsin students cuddled up to their sweethearts on Valentines Day, the musicians behind the controversial “Coastie Song” serenaded their own personal valentine — UW Chancellor Biddy Martin.

UW junior Quincy Harrison and sophomore Cliff Grefe, collectively known as Zooniversity, said they always knew they wanted to write a song for Martin, but Valentine’s Day gave them the perfect opportunity to express their love.

“Knowing we wanted to do something for Valentine’s Day and knowing in the back of our heads we wanted to do something for Biddy, we put those two together,” Harrison said. “It’s almost like this song chose itself.”

Playing off of the slang use of “biddy” as a word for “girl,” the song, titled “My Biddy” includes references to the 2009 snow day, the freshman convocation and even Martin’s poodle, Oscar.

Harrison, Grefe and Sam Petricca, a UW sophomore and member of the MadHatters, wrote the chorus for the song together and separately penned their own verses expressing their love for the chancellor.

After writing and producing the song and the addition of vocals from Petricca, the duo traveled to Martin’s home on Valentine’s Day to personally deliver a copy of “My Biddy” to the chancellor.

“We just drove [to Martin’s house] and delivered it to her. And she was really happy, and said we should come back and have dinner with her sometime,” Grefe said.

Grefe added the chancellor e-mailed the group after the delivery voicing her appreciation for the song.

Martin said in an e-mail to The Badger Herald the song shows how “talented and creative the songwriters and performers are.”

“These songwriters clearly have a sense of humor and fun, and so do I,” Martin said.

Martin added she was flattered by the valentine, and several of her family members have already downloaded the song onto their iPods.

“We did it ’cause Biddy Martin’s really well-respected among the students, and this is just kind of a light-hearted reminder to people that she’s a great chancellor and that we appreciate what she’s doing,” Petricca said.

Harrison said the homage to Martin was a natural fit for Valentine’s Day.

“Everybody loves her, so why not do a song for her?” he added.