Former Congressman Mark Neumanndeclared his candidacy July 1for the fall 2010 gubernatorial race, making him one of three Republican candidates setting his sights on incumbent Gov. Jim Doyle’s office.

The Republican candidates include Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and political newcomer and Appleton businessman Mark Todd.

According to Neumann, his political background and experience makes him the ideal candidate for governor. Neumann said that during his four years in Congress, they balanced the national budget, passed the largest tax cut in history, created tens of thousands of jobs every month and even started paying off debts.?

“We knew what we had to do when I went to Congress; we got it done and the results were that America was much better off,” Neumann said.?

Neumann added he also has a lot of experience in the private sector because he runs a real estate development firm and home-building business, employing hundreds of residents in Southeastern Wisconsin.?

One of the most important issues for Neumann is education, and he added he has a lot of experience in that realm as he has earned degrees in the field of education and taught at public schools for four years.

“In the area of education, I am totally committed to public education, where we have great public schools,” Neumann said. “Where our public schools are poor or failing, we should bring in competition from the private sector.”

Neumann is also interested in green technologies, saying the bipartisan bickering should end so the state can progress and create jobs. He agrees with the Democrats’ push for setting specific goals but added the problem with their approach is that it costs businesses too much money and consequently drives them out of the state.

“What we need is a plan that shows how to achieve the goals of the Democrats, but does it in a way that does not punish businesses,” Neumann said.

Neumann added his environmental platform would differ from that of any other candidate, Democrat or Republican.

Gov. Jim Doyle has yet to officially declare his intentions to seen a third term in office. Doyle has, however, confirmed he has not been offered a position in President Barack Obama’s administration and plans to serve the rest of his term in office, according to Doyle spokesperson Lee Sensenbrenner.?

“The governor has always been really clear; he never sought a position in the Obama administration,” Sensenbrenner said. “He does not know where these rumors are coming from.”

Sensenbrenner would not comment on the Republican candidates.

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, who lost the gubernatorial primary to Doyle in 2002, was also expected to make a bid for the governor position as Doyle has yet to make a commitment, but Falk spokesperson Josh Wescott said she had no plans to run and intends to support Doyle.