Ald. Judge, District 8, smiles after he announces his support for City Council candidate Bryon Eagon.[/media-credit]

Ald. Eli Judge, District 8, endorsed aldermanic candidate Bryon Eagon Wednesday to fill his seat in the Madison City Council.

Judge said he and Eagon share many of the same views when it comes to improving the downtown area. Eagon does his homework, Judge added, referencing the 19-page safety initiative Eagon devised to keep the downtown and campus areas of Madison safe.

“I have absolute faith in his policies. I think he has incredible ideas when it comes to how he can move the district forward, and I really look forward to working with him and seeing him really grow into an incredible alder over the next few years,” Judge said.

Additionally, Judge said Eagon has pragmatic ways of improving lighting downtown and said he is collaborating with Eagon on a project to inform students of their rights as tenants.

“I am really excited and proud to have earned Eli’s endorsement,” Eagon said. “He’s had great experience representing student issues here on campus, and having his support is very encouraging.”

Eagon said he plans to further Judge’s strategic lighting initiative for District 8. He added it is important to light alleyways, parking lots and other areas so citizens feel safe and can see if there is danger in the surrounding area.

Shortly before the Feb. 17 primary, the University of Wisconsin College Democrats endorsed Eagon as the District 8 aldermanic candidate. Claire Rydell, chair of College Democrats, said Eagon’s ideas concerning safety and tenants rights are practical and in the best interest of students.

She added Eagon will ensure there are cab services and watchmen outside at night to further promote safety, and he will work with the city to help keep Madison lakes clean.

At the beginning of March, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz also publicly announced he supported Eagon’s campaign.

Mark Woulf, Eagon’s challenger in the aldermanic race, said he disagrees with Judge’s decision to endorse his competitor, adding he himself is the stronger of the two candidates.

Woulf said his campaign is not greatly affected without Judge’s endorsement. According to Woulf, though endorsements carry credibility, voters on Election Day will ultimately decide who gets the District 8 seat.

If elected, Woulf said he would like to continue many of the projects initiated by Judge.

Much like Eagon, safety is the primary focus of Woulf’s campaign. According to Woulf, many UW students believe the police devote too many resources to bar raids rather than keeping the streets safe. Woulf said he wants to prioritize the utilization of police resources.

Although the College Republicans have yet to make a public endorsement, Chair Sara Mikolajczak said she has faith Judge carefully examined both candidates’ policy stances on city issues before choosing to endorse Eagon.

“Eli has been a great alder and great friend to the student body and the city of Madison in general,” Mikolajczak said. “I have full faith Eli’s endorsement will … help Bryon boost his numbers.”

Madison City Council elections will be held April 7.