A woman said Monday two men sexually assaulted her Saturday night on the corner of West Gorham and Broom streets.

According to Joel DeSpain, public information officer for the Madison Police Department, the 18-year-old woman said she was walking back from Riley?s Wines of the World around 9 p.m. when two men grabbed her.

The woman, who is not a University of Wisconsin student, alleged that the two men grabbed her by the arms and dragged her several feet into a nearby alley, where the taller man proceeded to grope her. She also told police that the taller man pulled down his own pants and underwear.

According to the police report, the woman said she struggled and was able to run away from the two men.

The woman described one of her attackers as a black, 50-year-old male with dark skin and missing teeth. He also has a scar below one ear and was wearing a torn black jacket with brown fur around the hood.

The second perpetrator is described as a black male who is 6-feet-3-inches to 6-feet-4-inches tall and very thin. He had a trimmed moustache and a goatee and was wearing a thigh-length ?fluffy camouflage jacket,? blue jeans with light blue and dark blue squares and a baseball cap.

Police will continue to investigate this report.

?We are trying to find these two people and ask them what they were doing Saturday night,? DeSpain said.