BEN CLASSON/Herald photo

The number of alcohol-related incidents and arrests nearly doubled between the past two Badger football games, according to a report released by the University of Wisconsin Police Department Sunday.

The report says 43 citations were issued during the Iowa game Saturday, a 95 percent increase compared to the 22 citations issued during The Citadel game. The number of arrests more than doubled, from 20 to 43.

Thirty-seven of the citations were written for underage alcohol consumption. Another 37 attendees were ejected from the game due to possession of alcohol or intoxication.

Thirty-three UW students were arrested, accounting for almost 76 percent of the total arrests during the game.

A total of 99 people were ejected from the game.

Despite the higher number of incidents during the event, UWPD Sgt. Kari Sasso said the police department was instructed to act the same way as all other games, and no extra help was necessary.

According to Sasso, the police department had the same number of officers on duty and the same amount of enforcement from other police departments. The game went by without any major incidents, she said.

Ald. Eli Judge, District 8, said he is curious to see what the UWPD has to say about the night game and added the increased number of arrests is probably due to the amount of time students and the general public had to tailgate.

"Students probably had a longer time to 'enjoy the day,'" Judge said.

UW sophomore Brett Jung said he noticed the UWPD being more active during the game, pulling what seemed to be more Badger fans aside in the entrance of Camp Randall.

"I hadn't seem them do that before," Jung said.

Though police officers seemed to be more active Saturday than during past games, Jung said he only heard officers asking the routine "how much have you had to drink tonight?" question.

The Iowa game also marked the first time UW forced students with previous incidents of heavy alcohol consumption and expulsion from football games to blow into a portable breathalyzer test. This practice is aimed at reducing the amount of heavy alcohol consumption before football games.

As of press time, no official UWPD reaction to the new "Show and Blow" program was released.