RAY PFEIFFER/Herald photo

The Madison Police Department arrested a man for drunken driving after he was involved in a four-vehicle crash late Tuesday night.

According to one of the other drivers involved in the crash — a University of Wisconsin alumnus who wished to remain anonymous — the accident was caused when a car traveling north on Park Street ran through a red light. The driver said he was stopped at the light in the far left lane traveling south on Park Street next to a moped with both a driver and a passenger.

As the drunken driver ran the red light, the anonymous driver recalled, a minivan traveling east on West Johnson Street had a green light and clipped the back of the drunken driver's vehicle. The impact caused the drunken driver to swerve into the southbound lane of Park Street, striking the stopped vehicles and pinning the moped between the two cars.

"I was stopped at the stoplight here … and it had just turned red," the driver said. "[The northbound vehicle] came and ran into the moped, and the car ran into me on the side."

MPD Sgt. Karen Krahn said the driver of the minivan did not see the drunken driver's dark-colored vehicle, and thus did not have enough time to stop and avoid the collision.

"From what I understand, a minivan … had a green light and was going through the intersection when they saw, too late to avoid striking them, the dark-colored vehicle headed northbound," she reported.

No one was hurt in the accident, Krahn added, except the driver of the moped. But she said the passenger of the moped sustained minor injuries.

The identities of the people involved were not released as of press time.