University of Wisconsin football player Marcus Randle El will face 18 months of probation after reaching a plea deal Monday in Dane County Circuit Court.

The resulting plea bargain is the culmination of two separate incidents involving altercations with girlfriend Dene Brown and former teammate Nicholas Sutton.

In addition to the 18 months of probation, Randle El must complete anger management counseling, and the UW wide receiver cannot have any contact with Sutton.

Furthermore, any future criminal charges could result in immediate revocation of the deal and a sentence of six months in jail.

Randle El admitted the facts presented were correct in all cases and agreed to the terms of the deal offered.

"He will have continuing supervision and he understands that he can't be involved in any future troubles," Randle El's attorney Charles W. Giesen said in a phone interview. "The supervision is appropriate. He's not a threat to the community."

The most recent incident occurred last December when Randle El was charged with battery after a dispute with Sutton. Randle El told police he believed Sutton had stolen $300 from him, the criminal complaint states. Randle El hit Sutton in the face four or five times, according to the complaint.

But Judge Steven Ebert said Monday that Randle El's story had "no credibility."

"I don't believe your story about money being stolen," Ebert said.

Additionally, Ebert said he believed Randle El lied to police regarding the facts of the previous incidents. But Giesen said witnesses supported Randle El's testimony.

Ebert also said he doubted other statements such as a letter submitted by Randle El's girlfriend. The letter, Ebert said, contradicted previous statements she made to police about the March incident in which Randle El was charged with disorderly conduct.

But Giesen said Brown felt the incident was "blown out of proportion."

"She said Marcus is a good student, father and boyfriend … and asked the court to drop the case," Giesen said.

Currently, Randle El continues to practice as a wide receiver on the UW football team, after the athletic department briefly suspended him in December.

Vince Sweeney, UW associate athletic director, said the court's action will allow both Randle El and the athletic department to move on.

"We've dealt with Randle El's situation with the student-athlete discipline policy," Sweeney said. "The general message is we're pleased the courts have moved it along. We're confident that [Randle El] will put this behind him and move on in a positive manner."