The Student Services Finance Committee passed the segregated-fee requests for three more groups Monday night with little debate and no unfavorable votes.

“No one got everything they wanted, but that’s how you know you came to a good compromise,” said ASM Vice-Chair Emily McWilliams on their budget.

University Health Services was approved for $9,108,932 and Recreational Sports for $1,538,500. The request for the ASM Internal Conference Committee was also approved.

During the budget-hearing portion of the meeting, the requests of the Wisconsin Union and the ASM Bus Pass Program were reviewed.

The Union’s request centered primarily on the planned renovation of The Lakefront Café. “We’re changing from a classic café style to a market style,” said Union representative Ken Gibson. “Basically the only thing that’s going to stay the same is the windows. The entire space will be radically different.”

Gibson also said that the renovation would initially result in a loss of revenue.

“It’s going to take some time to get those customer counts back up,” Gibson said.

As far as other budget lines, the Union reps explained they had been based on the budgets of years past.

Margaret Bergamini, in representing the request for the ASM bus pass, quietly explained the success and widespread use of the program, which makes the use of city buses free to university students.

However, near the end of her presentation, Bergamini did express fears about state budget cuts on the bus system.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen with state aid in terms of mass transit,” Bergamini said.