A man who police said went on a violent streak at a West Side business died of an unknown medical condition minutes after police arrested him.

The man entered a store on the 2800 block of University Avenue and began throwing clothing from the racks and pulling a female employee’s hair, Madison Police public information officer Larry Kamholz said.

Once the suspect left the store, the door was locked behind him. He then proceeded to the parking lot, where he jumped on an occupied car, Kamholz said.

The woman inside attempted to close the door, but the suspect tried to pull it open. The woman was eventually able to shut and lock the door, Kamholz said.

Police arriving at the scene were confronted by the suspect, who began swinging an unidentified object at them, Kamholz said.

Police were able to detain the suspect, who then had some type of medical reaction, which prompted police to remove his handcuffs, perform first aid, and transfer him to UW Hospital, where the suspect was pronounced dead, Kamholz said.

The Dane County Coroner’s Office will be performing an autopsy sometime today to determine the cause of death.

The victim’s name is being withheld until his family can be notified.