The 2.7 million women living in Wisconsin are worse off than women from other states, according to research done by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

The research analyzed Wisconsin women’s socioeconomic and political circumstances. When Wisconsin women’s actual status in contrast with the goals the researchers set for women’s status was ranked, Wisconsin earned a grade of C+ in employment and earnings, social and economic autonomy, and health and well-being; C in political participation; and F in reproductive rights.

Although more Wisconsin women participate in the work force, women tend to make less money than their male counterparts. The gap between men’s and women’s wages in Wisconsin falls among the worst third of the states, with women making about two-thirds of what the average man makes.

One of the lowest ratings was in the area of reproductive rights and resources. The study ranked Wisconsin 48th out of 51 in this area.

“Poor women in Wisconsin can receive public funding for abortion only under federally mandated, limited circumstances, and the state lacks mandates for comprehensive contraceptive coverage or infertility treatments,” stated the report.

On the positive side, Wisconsin women were ranked third in the country for women’s access to health insurance. Wisconsin is also among the states with the lowest poverty rate.

compiled from staff reports