A UW-Milwaukee adjunct professor resigned Friday after being charged with viewing child-pornography in a campus computer laboratory.

A monitor saw Victor M. Zamudio-Taylor, a visiting professor, viewing child-pornography in a computer lab in the engineering, math and science building. The monitor then called the police, according to the criminal complaint.

When police arrived, Zamudio-Taylor was arrested and the computer was seized for examination. Police reports said child-pornography was found on the lab computer as well as a computer in Zamudio-Taylor’s office.

Zamudio-Taylor told police he went to the lab to check his e-mail and ended up on a pornographic site, the report said he just kept looking. The examination of the computer revealed about 100 pornographic sites had been visited on the lab computer.

Zamudio-Taylor agreed not to return to the UW-Milwaukee campus, Tom Luljak, a university spokesman, told the Associated Press.

This arrest seems to be independent of a recent FBI shutdown of an Internet-based child-pornography ring with the arrests of 86 people in 26 different states. They said 7,000 people had registered email addresses worldwide, 1,400 in the United States. The FBI sting, “Operation Candyman,” expects to arrest at least 50 more people by the end of the week.
The FBI is investigating 18 cases linked to the pornography ring in Wisconsin, and authorities have executed 12 search warrants, spokesman Jeffrey Berken told the Associated Press.