UW police alert

· Oct 15, 2001 Tweet

In response to President Bush and the FBI warning the nation to be on highest alert for additional terrorist attacks, the UW police have released information defining what highest alert means for the campus community.

A police statement defined highest alert as “a mindset that leads you to notice unusual or suspicious behavior/circumstances and reporting your observations to authorities in a logical, rational and timely manner.”

On its website, the UWPD offers its statement on the matter and information on anthrax, postal inspection, building security, suspicious behavior and suspicious vehicles.

UWPD Capt. Dale Burke said highest alert should not induce fear and panic, but “?educate [what people] can do to minimize risk and threats.”

Burke also said that the UW-Madison crisis plan establishes an operating group that meets in the event of a crisis to discuss and respond to the circumstances.


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