SSFC cuts UW Greens’ budget

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The Student Services Finance Committee cut the UW Greens’ budget Monday night in continuation of segregated fee allocations.

UW Greens originally asked for $25,274.52, but the SSFC cut this amount to $19,815, $3,237 less than the group’s budget for the current year.

The largest cut in UW Greens’ budget was in staff time at the Infoshop, which decreased from 40 to 31 hours per week and from 36 to 34 weeks per year.

SSFC vice chair Roman Patzner said the major issue dealing with UW Greens was the concentration of funding in areas that are important to students.

“The major issue was the Greens and the service they provide,” Patzner said. “The committee felt they provide a service worth funding, but felt they should focus on funding the Infoshop besides other activities.”

Although the largest cut in the UW Greens’ budget was in the area Patzner deemed most important, he said it was due to a compromise between the committee and the Greens. Rob Staude agreed the cuts were acceptable.

“I think the cuts are reasonable, I think they are fair and proportionate to the service [UW Greens] provides,” Staude said.

However, SSFC member Andrea Wise said UW Greens would be hurt by cuts in staff time.

“I see the service being provided devastated if the hours worked are cut,” she said.

Liz Bruno, a UW Greens staff member, was unhappy with the cuts in the budget and at the process of the budget hearing.

“The whole process was awful; yes, we did have a budget hearing, but I did feel the need to comment during the decision-making process,” Bruno said. “However, when I did get to speak I was flustered.”

Although UW Greens dominated most of the meeting, the Tenant Resource Center also prompted debate among the members.

The location of the Tenant Resource Center, 1202 Williamson St. Suite A, is off campus. SSFC members voted to leave the budget at its 2001-2002 level of $58,808 and asked the organization to open an office on campus to make it more accessible to students.

“The committee was concerned that the location was not ideal for students to use the office,” Patzner said.

Three other groups also debated their budgets. Adventure Learning Programs requested a budget increase of 195 percent from $150 to $11,112.

ALPs co-coordinator, Andy Gehl, said the increase was necessary because of previous lack of funding and growing numbers of participants from 25 students to over 2,000.

“The problem is that we are already under-funded from last year. If we continue at the pace that we are at this year, we will run out of money before February or March,” Gehl said.

Budget hearings were also conducted for Greater University Tutoring Service and Legal Information Center. GUTS requested a 4 percent increase and LIC requested a 95.6 percent increase. Decisions on these hearings will be made Wednesday.


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