Barricades block driveways at Capitol

· Oct 9, 2001 Tweet

In response to the military strikes on Afghanistan, Capitol Police have once again beefed up Capitol security.

On Tuesday, the Capitol police placed cement blockades in front of the four driveways leading to the Capitol.

The barriers are 10 feet wide, three feet high and weigh approximately 5,000 pounds each.

The blockades were placed in the driveways of the Capitol to prevent terrorists from approaching the building with any type of explosive, Capitol police Chief Mike Metcalf said.

“We put barricades to block the driveway so not to allow proximity to the Capitol,” Metcalf said. “It is a temporary measure but we are preparing a plan for permanent security that we will present to the governor and the Legislature.”

Security was increased after the military strikes at the request of Gov. Scott McCallum.

“The governor requested the Capitol police step up security; they closed off some of the smaller entrances, bags are being searched and there are barricades to decrease traffic coming up to the porticos,” said Debbie Monterrey-Millett, spokesperson for McCallum.

These measures are the first taken by the state to increase security since the initial increase on Sept. 11. Although the barriers are temporary, Monterrey-Millett was unsure how long they would be up.

“Those were the immediate measures; for more long-range, we do have the terrorism preparedness task force,” Monterrey-Millett said. “They are going to be setting some goals; these are just the immediate steps the governor is taking.”


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