Caffeinated candy gives students alternative to coffee

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College students are always looking for a boost to help them start the day, stay awake in classes and study for tests. Some depend on coffee, while others rely on soda. Now there is another option: caffeinated candy.

The candy, called Moovitz, is moving in to local convenience stores and coffee shops. These candies can be purchased online at and will soon be at various locations such as Steep & Brew, Memorial Union and Victor Allen’s.

Moovitz are chewy, caffeine-injected candies available in chocolate and coffee flavors.

“Many people need caffeine but don’t like the bitter taste,” said Monica Sentoso, founder and financial manager of Moovitz, “We wanted to offer another option — chocolate!”

Each flavor comes in a small package containing six candies. One bag has the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee, but some say Moovitz is an easier and more convenient way to get a spurt of energy.

“When you are in a rush and don’t have time, you can just eat some candy and you will be ready to go,” said Runi Hadiprajitno, Moovitz founder and marketing/sales director.

However, some coffee drinkers say they enjoy coffee too much to give it up.

“Drinking coffee has become too much of a habit for me to stop now,” UW-Madison senior Amy Scheiner said. “Not only that, but it is soothing. So no matter how rushed I am in the morning, I have to get my coffee.”

Coffee also gives people the opportunity to take a break from their busy days.

“I drink coffee for the caffeine,” UW junior Alyssa Kaplan said. “But it is also an experience. It’s a time where I am able to sit down and relax during the day and catch up with friends.”

However, those who dislike the taste of coffee say they would eat Moovitz to get their daily dose of caffeine.

“These candies are a great idea because I hate coffee and always need something to help me stay awake when studying for midterms and finals,” UW senior Jessica Karel said.

Moovitz is not only targeted at college students, but anyone who does not have time to make a pot of coffee or stop at the nearest café.

“We feel that young professionals could benefit from our product as well because they are always on-the-go and working hard till late,” Hadiprajitno said.

The founders of Moovitz created these candies because, according to the research they gathered from friends and students, flavorful caffeinated candy was in demand.

“We would like to produce products that the customer wants, and we will do our best to meet those demands and requests,” Sentoso said. “If people like our candy, we plan to introduce new flavors.”


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