Security at Camp Randall will be tight

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UW-Madison police Chief Susan Riseling said the Badger football team will return to Camp Randall this weekend, but not without additional security measures.

Riseling called a press conference Wednesday to outline the game plan for the first home football game since the terrorist attacks Sept. 11.

Police presence will increase on game day, Riseling said, but she would not say by how many officers or where they would be stationed.

UW Police will also continue their no carry-in policy, but with more scrutiny.

“We intend to search purses and fanny packs,” Riseling said.

Riseling also said large bags will be banned from the stadium, with the exception of baby bags — but those will be searched as well.

“If you have a baby bag, you have to show the baby,” Riseling said.

All gates will be open and fully staffed.

Responding to a request from UW Chancellor John Wiley, the Federal Aviation Administration will prohibit planes from flying within three miles of Camp Randall.

Wiley, along with officials from schools nationwide, said that for many people seeing the aircraft, normally bearing banner advertisements, would be too sensitive.

“People’s emotions and sensitivities are still pretty high after what happened,” said Casey Nagy, executive assistant to UW Chancellor John Wiley. “So we’ve asked for it not on an indefinite basis, but on a relatively temporary basis. We decided to err on the side of caution.”

Vehicular traffic along some streets near Camp Randall will be prohibited between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday for the safety of nearby residents and their property.

“Residents of the Breese neighborhood are encouraged to carry identification and produce it upon request to prove they live in the neighborhood,” Riseling said.

However, she said, parties, common in this neighborhood on game days, will not be restricted.

These new security features will also be intact for the Sept. 30 and Oct. 6 home football games.

“At that time we will re-evaluate the security measures,” Riseling said. “The current national and international situation is such that we need to take this day by day.”

All students received an email early this week from UW Athletics outlining their expectations from students.

“We’re asking fans to be patient,” said Athletic Director Pat Richter. “The safety of our fans and student athletes, however, cannot be compromised, and these measures will help fans enjoy Wisconsin football games as they’re accustomed to.”

Fans are encouraged to arrive at Camp Randall thirty minutes earlier than they normally do so they can clear security in time for the game’s start. Riseling said security checks will not be sped up even as kick-off approaches.

“Obviously, if a person wanted to screw up the system, they would wait until five to one and become belligerent,” Riseling said.
Saturday’s attendants should also be on the lookout for suspicious items, she said.

“Any oversized item that doesn’t look like it should have cleared security should be reported to the nearest usher or security guard,” Riseling said.

Signs are prohibited at Camp Randall, but Riseling was unclear about how they would handle American flags.

“We would prefer if people left their American flags and banners at home,” she said.


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