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Although New York and Washington, D.C., are miles away, for many UW-Madison students, the terrorist attacks struck close to home. Thousands of students have contributed to the relief effort by donating money and blood.

The Society of Human Resource Management and Sigma Iota Epsilon have been accepting donations in the atrium of Grainger Hall. The money will be given to the Badger Chapter of the Red Cross along with a card signed by students. Donations, collected until 4:15 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, totaled $4,400.

“We did the same thing as many larger groups with only a couple of college students putting in a little bit of time,” said volunteer Scott Daigger, who worked at the table Thursday afternoon.

Volunteers said most students were low-key about making donations, saying either nothing at all or just, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help.”

However, one student was willing to talk after making a donation.

“I’m so far away from what happened that this is the only way I felt I could help,” UW senior Jeff Dropp said.

“Some people who either couldn’t or were afraid to give blood were glad they could do something to help,” Shefchick said.

Donations ranged from pocket change and small bills to checks up to $500.

“There was no average donation,” Daigger said. “People basically gave what they could.”

Students gave their earnings and even worked extra to give donations.

“We’ve had people drop off their tips from bartending and waitressing,” Clausan said. “One girl said she wasn’t supposed to work on Friday and dropped off the $90 she made in tips that night.”

Most students wanted to help in any way they could.

“It’s truly amazing to see what the students are doing,” said Megan Howey, one of the workers. “It really shows you what can happen when you put your mind to trying to accomplish something.”

Several residence halls have also provided students with a place to donate. Sellery, Witte, and Ogg all have drop boxes where students can make donations. These donations will be matched by General Motors Corporation.

McGlaughlin Entertainment, a student-run hip-hop company, is throwing a Red Cross fundraising party Friday, Sept. 21. Admission is $20. Organizers said they expect mostly UW students will attend.

The Youngblood Center in Union South has also seen a huge turnout in students, faculty and staff donating blood. Due to long lines, students who wish to donate blood are strongly encouraged to call 227-1357 to make appointments or to find out if they are eligible to donate. While the large turnout is greatly appreciated, the center wants to remind students that there will be an ongoing need for donations throughout the weeks and months to come.

Students are also volunteering to assist with blood donations by registering donors, keeping lines moving and orderly and bringing donors refreshments.

Though the center is currently well-staffed, students who wish to volunteer are encouraged to call the Red Cross volunteer line at 233-9300.


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