ALRC wants Mondays temporarily closed

· Jul 18, 2001 Tweet

Mondays, 523 State St., will close for 15 days under terms of a settlement with the city.

The Alcohol License Review Committee recommended at a meeting Tuesday that Mondays’ liquor license be suspended from Aug. 17 to Aug. 31 because of violations that occurred from August 2000 through January 2001.
The bar will also have to pay a $6,188 fine.

Police began cracking down on Mondays about nine months ago for capacity violations and underage patrons. The bar was at 200 to 300 percent over capacity at times, and Mondays was found to have violated its 99-person capacity 17 times with 133 to 320 people in the bar.
“That’s one of the largest and longest suspensions we’ve had,” said ALRC chairTim Bruer.

Violations are assigned a point value in which those bars exceeding 100 points in 12 months can bring an ALRC review.
Mondays had accumulated 625 points in 6 months.

Mondays suspension will also come as UW-Madison students return for the fall semester and the Badger football team opens it season on Aug. 25.


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