In a shocking twist of events, the State of Wisconsin has announced the state’s participation in leap year in 2023. 

Governor Phony Nevers announced Monday, Feb. 27 the Wisconsin state government’s desire to “get ahead of the curve, and quit waiting around for leap year.” He went on to say the state will now be celebrating leap year every year.

“I don’t know why we only have leap day once every four years,” Nevers said. “It makes no sense to deprive the people of such a wonderful holiday.”

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While this means Wisconsin will be a day behind every other state and even every other country in the calendar year, Nevers said they will try their best to offset that by participating in daylight savings every other week.

Though Nevers believed this decision would come with overwhelming support because “people just love frogs,” he is actually facing many critics. Some say he is simply losing his mind.

“I think he has no clue how Leap year works,” An anonymous informant told The Badger Herald. “I don’t think he’s good with calendars in general. He was in a bunker on New Year’s Eve 2002 cuz he thought it was Y2K.”

Following the announcement, Wednesday will now be February 29. The University of Wisconsin will be selling updated calendars, which account for the date change, for $30,000 each.

In light of the decision, Nevers also appointed a new position, Secretary of Timekeeping, to his cabinet in order to ensure the leap year traditions are maintained yearly and daylight savings biweekly. Nevers nicknamed the position “The Time Lord.”

The Time Lord will ensure smooth timekeeping between states for all Wisconsin residents, Nevers said. While the change may be difficult to get used to at first, many will be happy that they can celebrate every holiday twice if they just go out of state the days before.

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Nevers has narrowed The Time Lord position down to three different candidates — actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and Boston Celtics Center Robert Williams.

The winner will be chosen Feb. 29.