Daroline Drowley announces campaign for president 2023

She can’t promise anything, but she might do some stuff

· Nov 1, 2022 Tweet


Daroline Drowley for President Campaign Team

Madison, Wis. — Daroline Drowley of Madison, Wis. will run for president in the November gubernatorial race for the 2023-2027 presidential term.

Yes, you read that correctly. Why wait until 2024? Daroline Drowley will be on the ballot for President of the United States this November. This premature initiative speaks to Drowley’s character — Drowley is a candidate who ALWAYS jumps the gun. Drowley is so ahead of the game that she has already filed her taxes for fiscal year 2028. That’s why she is the best choice for president in the 2022 Governor’s race.

Here are Drowley’s stances on a few key issues:

  • Crime: Why have it?
  • Guns: Loud.
  • Gerrymandering: We need to stop Gerry’s meandering.
  • COVID: I prefer masks cause they hide the uglies.
  • Women’s suffrage: Women should not suffer.

“Maybe” is Drowley’s campaign in a word. She can’t promise anything, but she might do some stuff.

Drowley will run against Paudrey Phibert and will probably win because she has already planned out every potential scenario and there is none in which she will lose to Phibert. None.

Register to vote here and come to your designated voting location to vote for Drowley Nov. 8.

And as Daroline always says,

“Why go gubernatorial when you can go presidential? I always think big picture.”

Daroline Drowley for president 2023.


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