Thursday marked the four-year anniversary of Cheba Hut in Madison, so in typical Cheba Hut style, they threw a party. Bringing in all the music nerds, stoners, drinkers and all-around fun lovers for some sandwiches and live music, Cheba Hut’s four-year anniversary was a fun place to be.

These people had something to say about it:


The Badger Herald: What brings you here?

“I’m running the sound and the Knuckleheads booth. My band Left Field is going on at 8:00 p.m. These guys play for the Cosmic Strings.”

BH: What’s your favorite sandwich?

“I don’t eat here, I drink here.”

Daniel Chinitz/The Badger Herald


BH: Are you involved in the music scene around Madison at all?

“I’m in an alternative rock band called The Racing Pulses, we’re about to go on a full east coast tour. Our next show in Madison is April 6 at Memorial Union.”

Daniel Chinitz/The Badger Herald


BH: Is this the best sandwich in Madison?

“To be honest, probably not. They’ve got pretty good food, but it’s more about the vibe.”

Daniel Chinitz/The Badger Herald


BH: What’s your favorite sandwich here?

“We love the Dank or the Sticky Icky … because of what is inside of them though.”

BH: What do you love about it here?

Ellie: “I’m into the stickers.”

Erin: “Good vibes only.”

Daniel Chinitz/The Badger Herald