Outbreak of synthetic marijuana laced with rat poison further prompts need for legalization

Current drug laws do not prevent consumption, but prevent consumption of safe, natural substances


Before white people can cash in on legal weed, Wisconsin needs to provide reparations for black communities

Impact of war on drugs on minorities reveals hypocrisy, racism of legalized marijuana industry

State of Wisconsin

To grow workforce, legislation proposes removing THC from employer drug tests

State representative sees proposal as step in right direction for possible marijuana legalization

State of Wisconsin

Lawmakers hope hemp legalization will boost state economy

Lawmakers said substance is worlds apart from recreational marijuana


Good times and good people at the Cheba Hut four-year anniversary


State of Wisconsin

In joint proposal, Wisconsin Democrats announce legislation to legalize medical marijuana

Efforts include non-binding, statewide referendum

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin behind trend to legalize weed

Opponents warn of marijuana's dangers, Wisconsin Legislature slow to take action to legalize


Madison welcomes stoners with two-day Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

Stoners slowly but surely made it to 13th annual celebration downtown

State of Wisconsin

Clinton maintains lead in presidential race for Wisconsin voters

But Democrats are becoming increasingly uncertain whether to vote in November