Gov. Scott Walker has been a controversial figure in Wisconsin, particularly in Dane County.

As the 2016 election once again showed, Dane County votes blue, but its heart pumps red with spirit.

A local woman was running what we can only assume is her usual exercise route when a special car labeled “Google” drove past. Snapping photos of the anonymous woman, Google caught this movement mama exercising her First Amendment right — right where Walker could see it.

Bird flipped up high, the liberal hero has her hands up proud for all Google Earth observers to behold.

She is clearly giving the finger with her left hand, and even more is revealed when the image is zoomed in.

Whether or not you agree with this lady’s sentiment, she is undeniably a badass with exquisite timing.

She looks to be pointing at what could possibly be the Google Earth car that drove by to take this photo, but it is tough to tell due to the blurred face. This, as well as her clearly defined sunglasses, qualifies her as a local badass that has graduated to an international level via Google Earth. She knew exactly what she was doing, and dammit did she get her message across at the opportune moment — for that, she must be praised.

If anyone knows this person please contact The Badger Herald Banter staff immediately so she can receive an award.